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Here is the Father’s Day gift every dad loves

August 12, 2016 by The Dingtone Team

Father’s Day is only a few day away. What have you got for the hero in your life? A bunch of flowers or a tie? That can be a choice but not a so good one. How many times does you dad tell you not to buy him anything?  What a dad really want is not a bunch of beautiful flowers or a bottle of fine wine, but the company of him most beloved boy/girl, and that is you. A phone call app is the ultimate father’s day gift idea for every kind of dad and it is free.

A free phone call app is the Father’s Day gift every dad loves
Nothing is better than a family reunion dinner. However, not all of you are able to go back home and say “thank you, dad” in person. You might be studying abroad or working away from your family. That does mean you cannot make your father WOW. Read on to check out what fun gift ideas this free phone call app offers.

A surprise call always makes him happy
Wherever you are, don’t forget to call the man who love you most and say “I love you” on Father’s Day. A short call will surely make a difference. Let him know how much you love and appreciate him for all that he had done for you. Dingtone free phone call app allows you to talk free with your family even you are continent apart. Never worry about expensive international fees or limited cell minutes.

Family group call is even better
More people means more fun. You can even create a family group call on Dingtone phone call app. How about summoning your little sisters and your mom in a group call? When you all have been well prepared, invite your dad in the group call. You are gonna give him a big surprise and make him laugh out loud.

You can even send gift credits!
Invite your dad to get Dingtone, and then you can enjoy unlimited free calls. Worried that your dad doesn’t know how to earn credits? Well, now you can send gift credits to your dad within a few taps. With these credits, he can call any landline or mobile.