Refund & Cancellation Policy

This policy is in addition to our Terms of Service & Privacy Policy, and incorporated by reference herein including, without limitation, the Disclaimer of Warranties and Limitation of Liabilities provisions.

Your payments within our products are processed by Google Play Store. Since Dingtone does not directly process the payment, our mechanism and ability to help on payment may be limited.

Dingtone is not responsible to provide refunds for fraudulent charge of your payment method. And for any of your fraudulent use of our products and services, you're responsible for the termination without refunding any fee you paid in connection to them.

For Android users that make the payment through Google Play, to request a refund you can send an email to us at, you must contact us within 30 days from the date of transaction. No refund could be provided for any transaction made over 30 days.

You cannot request the refund again for an item which you've ever successfully received a refund.

Dingtone reserves the right to refuse the refund request if:

1) You are in breach of our Terms of Service(see at

2) We have reason to believe you are attempting to exploit this policy fraudulently.


Some of our products and services are offered via subscription billing. As the subscription are billed on a prepaid basis, your subscription will automatically renew on its periodic basis until it gets canceled.

You cannot directly manage your subscription within our products. To manage or cancel your subscription, you may login Google Play Store account, access the subscription management page and process the subscription item manually. Your access to our service will be disconnect at the end of the current billing period after your cancellation. Your subscription cannot be refunded or pro-rated once the Dingtone phone number associated with the subscription is once used. Attempting to make/receive a call and send/receive a text via your Dingtone phone number, publishing your Dingtone phone number on any Website or other public area, or sharing your Dingtone phone number with any person is considered as “once used”.

Dingtone Credits

You can access most of the features within our products by using credits. You can either purchase credits('thereafer 'Purchased Credits'') or earn credits for free(thereafter 'Earned Credits') in certain cases. Purchased credits and Earned credits can be divided and allocated to your account. Payment for Purchased credits that have been partially or fully used to access the features within our products is not refundable. Earned credits are also not refundable.

Contact Information

If you have any questions or comments about this policy, you can contact us at: