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Dingtone Adds iOS 10 CallKit Support to Elevate VoIP Calls to a Native Experience

March 24, 2017 by The Dingtone Team

Following Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, Dingtone is another VoIP service provider that gets CallKit integration for iOS 10. The new CallKit API that Apple release in iOS 10 provides a way for VoIP apps to make their communications behave just like standard calls.

This new feature, which  makes VoIP calls feel part of iOS, will greatly improve the user experience. Take answering calls for an instance, Dingtone users can now answer VoIP calls with swipe-to-answer feature even on lock screen. No more missing calls!

VoIP apps are flourishing these days. But the biggest selling point usually lies in its cheap and even free calling services, while the introduction of CallKit raises the calling experience to a new level. With CallKit, users make and receive VoIP calls on Dingtone just as they would conventional cellular calls.

1. Answer VoIP calls just as regular phone calls…works even on lock screen.

Ever missing an important call on Dingtone? The new update with Callkit feature lifts Dingtone VoIP calls to a native experience. Incoming Dingtone calls appear as regular phone calls on home screen and lock screen, complete with the native slide to answer function. They’re not basic push anymore.

2. View and Manage VoIP contacts using the Phone’s Favorite and Recent tab.

Not only are answering incoming calls made easier, contact list integration allows users to easily start a Dingtone call on the Contact lists without opening Dingtone first. Dingtone calls will appear in the built in Recents and Favorite tab, just like part of iOS now. And more, you can use the built-in Do Not Disturb and Block features for Dingtone contacts.

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